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Picking The Perfect Washer Dryer Combination Can Be Hard; Their Are So Many Features

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Washer Dryer Combination

Washer and Dryer Combo

Boy, have washers and dryers changed since I was a child. I remember the washer on the back porch with the old hand crank wringer. And, our dryer was the clothes line in the yard.

The water was drawn from the well at the end of the porch and it was drained from the washer on the ground just off the porch.

This setup made for some cold washings in the winter months.

Today we have a mulitude of choices for indoor washer and dryer combinations. And then each of those choices have a multitude of really nice features.

On the combo units you can set and forget. Once the wash cycle is complete then the dryer will start. When you return you are all finished and ready to take out and fold.

Stackable Washer and Dryer

If you are limited for space then you can even get a stackable washer and dryer. Some people who are short don't really like the stackable units because of their height. But, if your space in the apartment or home is limited then a stackable unit may just be the very solution you need.

Portable Washer Dryer

These are small washer and dryers that can be used to wash a load of socks and underware, tank tops, a shirt or two and baby clothes.

A portable washer and dryer is great for apartments, dorms, boats and even camping trips if you have access to electricity.

Even though you cannot do your whole wash with a portable washer dryer it will reduce the amount that you have to haul to the laundrymat and the need to go so often.

Front Load Washer and Dryer

Even though dryers have typically been front loaders, washers have not. A washer is usually loaded from the top.

Some people much prefer the front loading washer as well as the dryer. Front load washer use less water per load.

Consumers report that the front load washer works better with the detergent that is specifically designed for front loading machines.

While the dryer works pretty much the same as everyone is accustomed to, the washer in front load washer and dryer combinations is different and you need to get the specks and understand the differences before you jump into your purchase just to save water.

Washer Dryer Pedestals

If you are short on space or you are tired of bending over to get your clothes in and out of the then you might want to add a washer dryer pedestal. Not only will it raise the height of your unit it will provide you with an additional storage drawer for laundry products.

Washer and Dryer Covers

If your washer and dryer happens to be on a back porch or patio then you may want to cover it from the outdoor elements when not in use. Most covers are dust and water resistant and will also help prevent chips and dents.

You may also want to cover your units if they are in a high traffic area of your home, such as the kitchen or a part of a bathroom.

There are some washer and dryer covers made from fancy print materials as well as the solid colors. Check them out at Amazon.com and see if there is one to fit your needs.

Washer and Dryer Sale

Good deals can be found online on all the different types of washer dryer combinations, including the portable washer dryer, front load washer and dryer and the mini washer dryer at Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.




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